How to Cross-Stitch (in 4 simple steps)

Get your thread ready
First, cut off a length of thread to work with, typically about 18 inches (unless you’re using the loop method). Most patterns will tell you the number of strands to use on the chart you’re using. If it doesn’t, it’s generally assumed that you should use two strands.

DMC thread comes with six strands, so before you go threading your needle, you’re going to need to prep your thread. To separate an individual strand, take hold of one strand then pull the remaining strands down and away, like peeling a banana. (Kind of.)

Next, thread your needle.

Find the starting point of your pattern
Most people start in the middle of the chart and work out to the edges. This helps to make sure you have enough fabric to finish the piece. To find the center of your fabric, fold it in half horizontally, then vertically. Mark the center square by sticking your threaded needle in it. Unfold the fabric. Now you’re ready to stitch.

Stitch that first square
Whether your squares are x’s that go from the bottom left to top right, then from bottom right to top left, or the other way around, you’re set! The important thing to remember is to be consistent throughout the chart.

You’ll need to secure that thread or else you risk pulling it out on your next stitch. The first way you can do that is by leaving a small tail on the back and catching it with the next couple of stitches. The other way is by using the loop method.

And with that, you’re set! Happy Crafting!

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