The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) (Again)

A big thanks to Hugh Jackman and the release of Reel Steel.  Because of it (and my lack of desire to see it), Mike was busy watching the movie and I rocked the cross-stitching scene! Woot! I think I can officially say that I’ve hit the halfway point. 

And that’s it for this week! Let’s just hope Mike finds another movie to watch so I can make some more progress, LOL!

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2 thoughts on “The CSTWNBF (or the Cross Stitch That Will Never Be Finished) (Again)

  1. This looks absolutely AMAZING! And it's only halfway done? Like, SRSLY? I saw the pic and my first thought was: “Whoa! She's already done? Like Mission: Impossible 5 is like did-done-and-in-the-bag?” (^__~)What are you going to use this for when it's done? Any ideas? If you want to frame it and set up a shrine, let me know (so I can worship its loveliness with you… and also tell you of the nifty technique I know for safely stretching cross stitches over foam core board).And, BTW, thanks for reading and commenting on my bungee jump proposal story. I think I'll hunt up a photo of a waterfall in my archives and put this up for my February short story on Smashwords. (^__^)


  2. Why thank you!And yeah, there are some houses and a ton of trees in the background. Then there is adding all of the little details.I'm hoping I can get it done by June. (But more likely September.) Oooooh! A nifty technique, huh? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀 :DAnd you are welcome! I think it's a cute story–and perfect for your monthly short!


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