Counting on Songs like Yours…

So, Icon for Hire released an album out in October. And I’m just now getting to the review.

(Yes, my time management needs work.)

So, yes, Icon for Hire released their second album in October and it is pretty epic, but if you’re looking for an exact copy of their first album “Scripted”, don’t look here.

If “Scripted” was like a newborn baby who was dressed perfectly for studio pictures so their parents could send them out to relatives, then Icon for Hire’s self-titled album is like the toddler who wants to get their own clothes and create their outfits.


Seeing Icon for Hire’s growth in this second album is a fun ride; they could have stayed safe and produced an album that sounded the same as “Scripted”. They didn’t. The sounds change from song to song — there are hints of a dubstep vibe in “Pop Culture” to an in-your-face screamy verses in “Critics and Cynics” to the subdued “Fix Me”.

The result? A solid, but maybe not 100% cohesive album.

That being said, it is a really, really awesome album. The lyrics are solid (“Pop culture does nothing for me/ The American dream mainstream just bores me/ And we all act like we see right through it/ When we know we’re addicted to it.”). The passion the band has for their music is real. (If you ever see them in concert –and you really should see them in concert — you will pick up on that very quickly.) And Ariel has some of the best female vocals you’ll hear, period.

Another bonus to the album? It has my absolute favorite song by Icon for Hire, Rock And Roll Thugs. (I am keeping my fingers crossed at 1.) Icon for Hire comes out here on tour again and 2.) they play this song because it really is SO COMPLETELY AWESOME.)

Bottom line, refrain from your Starbucks for a day and go pick up their album for $5 on Amazon. Your ears will thank you.

(And if you haven’t picked up “Scripted”, it’s also five bucks.)

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