Ice Cream (with 100% less calories!)

So, I’ve been avoiding Hyrule as much as Link avoids those ReDeads in Ocarina of Time. It’s the clouds — I think I estimated that I have to stitch 1,500 squares of one color which is BOOOOORING, but I’m sort of at a point where I have to do them because I need to get to that bottom right corner already.

I’ve been doing a bunch of projects which I’ll blog about some day, but I finished a project today and wanted to share. It’s an adorable ice cream cone chart from (It’s free, but you do need to register with the site.). When I saw them, I knew that I wanted to make one for each of my girls.

20140129_135707I went ahead and stitched mine on a plastic canvas. I know there are fractionals, but I just poked a hole with a straight pin and everything was fine. (I did this a lot on the Destiny Christmas cards, so I knew it would work.)

I followed the chart for A’s ice cream, but I know K loves her mint chocolate chip, so I raided my bins of thread and found some green and added the brown “chips” by backstitching in random directions.

Then, I just covered the back in felt and tied a string in a loop so I can attach it to their backpacks with a slip knot. It was fun and quick and the girls love it.

As for me? I’m going back to the clouds of dooooooom. 😛 😛

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