It’s time to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS

So, um, yes, there are actually a group of you people who are taking part of the madness that is #30for30crafting and then there are some people who want to join in but are a little confused what they are getting themselves into. So, I’ll try to answer the questions that have been tossed my way. If you have any others, just drop them below and I’ll answer them.


1.) What is this anyway?

It’s a challenge to work on a project (or projects, depending on what you choose) for at least 30 minutes for 30 days.

2.) I want to (make digital art, write, draw, etc.), does that count?

If it uses your creativity muscles, I say absolutely. Make an app, sew a quilt, write a novel, paint a picture on your living room wall. I’m pretty open.

3.) Do I have to take a picture every day?

No. Not at all. Maybe you want to make a blog post or maybe you want to post weekly pictures of your progress. That’s fine! If you do, tag your picture (or link to a blog post) with either #30for30crafting or @craftinggeek (that’s my handle on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr) then I’ll post the link in a tweet. (If it gets too crazy, I might have to move to a daily blog post. I don’t want spam my followers, but so far it’s not an issue.)

4.) What if I want to start on the [insert day here]?

That’s not a problem. I know some people started early, others are starting later. Just do it and make awesomeness!

5.) Do I only have to work on one project?

Nope. Work on whatever your creative brain is pushing you to make.

6.) I missed a day. I fail.

Um, no. Just add a day to the end, if you want. Or, just get something done for the next day. You can do it!

Like I mentioned above, if you have any other questions, let me know. And thanks to everyone who is participating, promoting, and/or encouraging people out there to be awesomely creative! ❤ ❤


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7 thoughts on “It’s time to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS

  1. I just found your blog and love the stuff you post. I have just started getting into cross stitch, but so slow. I don’t know if I will ever finish my first project. Love you 30for30crafting. I have 2 small kids so I don’t get much crafting done, but I will have to try it out. Again I love your stuff. Good luck on finishing Hyrule.


    1. Why thank you!

      And don’t get discouraged — cross-stitching does take a bit of time, but the end results are amazing! If you think that a 30/30 challenge is overwhelming to tackle, try it for a week. It’s really amazing that once you get the ball rolling, you just sort of find time to craft. 😀

      Do you have any pics of the project you started? I’d love it see it.


  2. I don’t have any pictures of the project I started. I was thinking about taking some, but I am little embarrassed.
    It is a spring sampler I found in a book my mom had. It is big, but I thought I would be a good place to start because it was comprised of a lot of little pictures. Easy to break up. I started it back in October and well I have finished only one of the many pictures.
    I did loose my needle threader a while back which kind of stopped my momentum I had. Do you use a needle threader and if so what kind?


    1. Sorry it took so long to reply. That’s what happens when I don’t answer as soon as I approve a comment, LOL

      Don’t be embarrassed! Show your craft proudly! I’m sure you’re doing awesomely. 😀

      And samplers are great (so are small projects because at least you can see results quickly).

      I don’t use a needle threader. I use good old fashion determination. (Ok, I get the end wet and stick it in the needle. LOL)


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