Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, er, Emblem

I’ll admit. I’m totally stalling out when it’s coming to the Lorule project. I think it’s the sheer amount of colors and the fact that, well, it doesn’t look like much of anything yet. I’m not too worried yet. There were a lot of times with the Dark World map that I wanted to do nothing more than hide it on a shelf and forget it existed.

So, I’m not pushing myself and decided to go back to something that is as familiar as a warm coat. You know what that means, Destiny craft time!

The emblems available in the game are like a crafter’s dream because they’re easy to replicate. I have dreams of doing (most) of them, but I don’t know if even I am that ambitious.

I decided to tackle the Jade Bunny emblem first. And, get ready for this, there were no problems when I cross-stitched the project! (Yeah yeah, it’s a simple pattern, but you know what I DON’T CARE! I’ll take my Destiny victories when I can get them, LOL)


I just spent last night (and most of today) stitching like a mad woman and bam! Done!

Now I suppose it’s time to drag my sorry self back to Lorule. I’m sure I’ll find my groove soon enough, but really? What was I thinking doing a pattern that has 150 colors? LOL

Chart is here!

Like always, if you tackle the project let me know!

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