Hello. I am Jess, your personal crafting companion.

So, Babe did a good thing and took us to the movies this weekend (I’m not the world’s biggest movie fan — you can’t cross-stitch in the middle of the theatre, LOL) to see Big Hero 6.


I laughed (I’ll never look at a fist bump the same way again), I teared up (Curse Disney and their heart tugging ways.), I wanted to make a craft.

(You knew that was coming, right?)



Unlike Baymax here, this craft is SO SUPER QUICK. Like, 30-60 minutes, tops. Perfect Christmas present for those who have fallen in love with Baymax? I’m thinking, yes.

What You’ll Need:

3″ embroidery hoop
14 count aida cloth
Black thread
The chart (which is, seriously, like the most simple chart ever)

The only important thing to remember is to start slightly above the middle (we’re only talking like a row or two). That way it looks more like Baymax’s eyes rather than his mouth.


And when you are done, have a lollipop for a job well done.

Happy crafting! 😀

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

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