X(box) Marks the Spot

I am a gamer.
I love video games. I love the creativity behind games, I love the skill it takes to play games, I love the indescribable satisfaction one gets when they finally beat that level that they thought was impossible, I love them all.

Admittedly, I play less games than I use to. I’m a completionist which means games take me a little longer than forever to finish. I have become more of a vicarious gamer over these past few years, but my love for games has not diminished.
(In fact, I think I love games more than ever before.)

I decided to pay homage to the Xbox. We finally got the X1 this past month (yay!), so it was time to do a little something crafty.

And now you can make you own Xbox too! The pattern takes longer than one would think for a 4″ circle (about 2,400 squares). That being said, it only has like 8 colors which are mostly in big chunks, so it’s an easy project to make.

The supplies: 14 count aida cloth, 3743, 3851, 3865, 762, 699, 700, 966,  3841, and the chart

The symbols are:
L = 3743
Black triangle = 762
X = 3841
Diamond = 3865
Upside down triangle = 966
Rectangle = 3851
Circle: 700
White triangle: 699

Also, to all of those of you who are participating in #30for30crafting…you guys are amazing! And please remember to take the time to look at all the awesomeness being created — there are a TON of pics on both Tumblr and Instagram!

And as always, happy crafting! 😀 😀

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