Sometimes on the internet, you can find something so magical, so amazing, so completely fantastic, you’re like, “WHOEVER DID THIS IS GENIUS!!!1!!1!” And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, they write a tutorial on how you can make the aforementioned magical, amazing, completely fantastic thing yourself.


That’s what happened when I went over to Our Nerd Home and saw a tutorial for a Legend of Zelda 8-bit fireplace (or better said, a fireplace filler?)

And the best part, it’s dirt cheap and you can have it done in an hour.

So, you start with lots of paint samples. Since I have recently spent a bajillion dollars on paint for the house, I didn’t feel guilty about snagging a *ahem* few of them.


You’ll need about 10-12 red, 6 orange, 2 light yellow, 3 white. (I think.) I kept it simple and just used these four colors. Then it was off to cutting. Now I’m sure I’m committing a horrible travesty using a rotary cutter to cut paper, but I do NOT see any quilting in my future and I already have another rotary cutter kicking around the house somewhere if I do need to cut fabric.


Ta da!


Then, I followed the pattern from Our Nerd Home to lay out the design. I did run out of red squares so I swapped it for a few oranges, but I think it looks just fine. Then it was on to the next step: gluing! It took me less than a half of a glue stick to finish the sucker.


Then, it was time to set it into it’s place of honor on the fireplace. It’s so perfectly geeky, I might have shed a tear when I was taking the pictures.


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