The Craftiness Has Consumed You

Yes, another Destiny craft.

Really, at this point, no one should be surprised.


If you have played Destiny, you have seen this symbol at least once. If you play like me, then you’ve seen this symbol A LOT. But that’s ok because it looks pretty awesome and when I was asked to make a project for secret purposes, it didn’t take me long to figure out that this was what I wanted to make.

The project went smooth like butter. I used the awesome Kreinik glow in the dark thread (#8 Fine) and I am still in love with it. It doesn’t bunch up, it’s sturdy as all get out, and did I mention…it glows in the dark?


If you’re real cool, you can move the camera and give this an awesome effect. If you’re real “cool” like me, you move the camera before it finished taking a picture and then get the result without intending to, LOL

If you want to make one yourself, this is what you’ll need:

14 count aida cloth (I used black, obviously, but you could flip the colors or use any colors that you want)
Thread (I used Kreinik 052F, but again you can use any color you want, especially if you aren’t wanting to make it glow in the dark.)
The chart!

If you do decided to tackle this project, I’d love to know! And until next time, happy crafting! ❤

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