Hammer Time


It’s funny how things happen, isn’t it?

What started out as a last minute change for TheLegendBlue’s birthday gift, turned into me getting my 15 minutes of viral fame.

There really is no backstory to the cross-stitch — I decided that I’d rather make Matt a Titan based on Chris Barrett’s 8-bit Guardians from Destiny rather than send him the Destiny nail art that I had intended for him.

12135315_1484792775155890_985883185_n (1)
Despite fighting with my thread not once, but twice (I blame getting distracted by Blindspot), I got it finished in less than 24 hours.

The rest, as they say, is history.

11375325_970448982998318_1058925881_n (1)

So, if you want to make your own Titan, this is what you’ll need:

14 count aida cloth
4 inch hoop
DMC thread: 3790, 3032, 841, 798, 3843, 321, 444, 922, ecru (These are the colors I used, but really, if you’ve got something close to the color on the chart, go for it. Also, with the way the design is, it’s really easy to customize the colors so have fun with it.)
The chart (which does, in fact, have a *little* mistake that I’m not going to bother fixing because, um, lazy. Basically, the waist is off by one square. Just move it over to the right by one and you’re fine. Or keep it. No one will probably notice, LOL)

I know some people are going to ask if I’m going to make the other two Guardians. The answer is…maybe. I have several projects that need to be finished first. (What else is new, right?)

If you do decide to tackle this project, let me know! And, as always, happy crafting!

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