Like taking (Crimson) candy from a baby



Another day, another Destiny craft.

Really, it’s not my fault that Bungie makes things that call to my cross-stitching soul.


But, if you want to be subtly geeky on Valentine’s Day, this pattern works because to the average person, it’ll look like a heart with a design on it. To the Destiny playing person, they will know Crimson Days are here.


It’s a fairly quick pattern — I got it finished in two days. I know I haven’t used that much pink, well, ever.

What you’ll need:

The chart
Colors: 355, 761, 3803
aida cloth (I used 14 count)

If you tackle this, I’d love to see it. If you tackle Crimson Days, good luck, Guardian. And as always, happy crafting. ❤

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I make crafts. I geek out. Sometimes, I geek out about making crafts.

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