Do You want to stitch a snow globe?

Looking for a quick, easy project to make during this busy time of year? Of course you are! This snow globe is a simple and inexpensive (yay!) project to make.

You’ll need your finished project, clear cellophane wrap, a hoop that will fit your project, fake snow, and some glue and scissors (not shown). You’ll want to trim the cellophane to about the same size as your project.

The only “trick” you’ll need to do for this is put your project in the hoop backwards.

Ta da! You’re a magician!

Flip your hoop over and trim your project very close to the edge of the hoop. (I put the snow in first which made for a delightful mess once I realized that I should have cut it first.) THEN, add a tiny bit of snow. (It goes a loooong way.)

Get ready for the fake snow to get everywhere, LOL

After the project has been trimmed and the snow has been placed, then you’re going to run glue over the entire edge of both hoops. (I just used a plain ol’ glue stick, nothing fancy.) Then, place the cellophane on top of it, smoothing out any wrinkles. (I put a cooking sheet weighed down with a container of oats on top of it until the glue dried to make sure that the seal was nice and secure.)

Tinsel and ornaments do NOT suddenly appear when you finish the project. Sorry.
Shake it and make it snow!

And there you go! A snow globe to decorate your place! And this you could use any size hoop, whipping up smaller 2″ hoops would be relatively quick to give as gifts!

NOTE (12/19): I didn’t even know it existed at the time, but I would suggest using adhesive felt to cover the outside edge of the hoop so that it looks nice and clean. Not necessary but it might give it that extra little something.

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