Even Better Than Mama

As some of you know, I’ve been working on revamping the blog — taking down old patterns, making the pages look nice and crisp, and updating the charts. (This is a long process, I’ll never be finished with it.)

Just look at that smile!

That “fun” endeavor led me to go through a lot of old files on my computer cleverly named as “123” or “abc” because I wanted future!me to have no clue what I was making. One of those patterns was Cooking Mama. It was…ok. I wasn’t in love with it which would explain why it’s been sitting on my hard drive for the better part of five years.

I have practically no free time right now so editing that pattern wasn’t an option, but I knew I wanted to stitch up a Cooking Mama chart.

That fancy outline!

Enter Kandi Patterns.

It is a perler site, but you know what? Perler charts make for excellent cross-stitching charts — you just have to figure out the colors yourself.

The colors I used!

For this pattern, I used the following DMC colors: 300, 310, 436, 605, 780, 893, 894, 951, 3771, and white. The chart that I used is here. Also, I often get asked what I stitch on to make things like this project. I use 14-count plastic mesh.

If you’ve never used perler patterns as a template for a cross-stitching design, I encourage you to do so. Since most of the patterns have a limited color palette, finding colors that match shouldn’t be too difficult! Just choose the colors you love and start stitching!

Happy Crafting,
Jess ❤

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