Never Felt Better

After finishing my batch of Christmas cards and ornaments this year, I thought that there had to be a better way to finish off the ornaments than felt, a glue stick, and a heavy book. Imagine my delight when I saw Craftnik’s video on Instagram showing off adhesive felt.

I quickly went on Amazon and found Peachy Keen Craft Adhesive Felt. You can see that I got a pretty good variety of colors so I was happy about that.

To test out how the felt worked, I knew I wanted to make some little ornaments using 14 count plastic canvas because that’s what I typically finish with felt. I whipped up a few Super Mario Christmas themed ornaments. (You can find the free patterns for them here.)

I whipped them up over a few days and, after trimming away the extra plastic canvas, it was time to pull out the felt. I noticed two things while working with it. One, the adhesive is very, very sticky. I was worried that it was going to be like a scotch tape or something that would easily pull away from the plastic. Ha, no. While I could reposition the felt without too much struggle, I have full confidence that this felt isn’t going anywhere after I firmly pressed it together.

And secondly, which ties into the first point, cutting this felt with scissors is, well, annoying. The felt wants to stick to the blades. I switched to an X-Acto Knife and that made a huge difference. I think if you’re not cutting a lot or if they are straight lines, then maybe you could get away with just a pair of scissors.

Overall, I was impressed with this product. I thought I would have to go back and use some extra glue to secure it, but that’s just not the case for these ornaments. So, if you’re tired of using a glue stick and a heavy book to finish off your plastic canvas projects, you may just want to try adhesive felt.

Happy Crafting! ❤

This post does contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you end up using the link and buy the product. You will not incur any costs.

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