A few years back, I started with this crazy idea to start a weekly stitch-a-long project using emblems from Destiny 2. 3+ years later, I finally have compiled a list of all the emblems that were part of that project plus any occasional emblem charts that I made afterward.

If you’d like to see what the 96 emblems look like all stitched up, you can check that out here and here. Also, if you are interested in stitching these up, the #destiny2cal community is super friendly if you’re looking for encouragement or some help.

Happy Crafting! ❤

EmblemEmblem NameChartKey/DMC Colors
(emblems marked with
n/a have key in chart file)
A Classy Order Linkn/a
A Mind Forever ChangingLinkLink
Ace of SpadesLinkLink
Adventurous SpiritLinkLink
And Still We StoodLinkn/a
Answered CallLinkLink
Apprentice GuideLink310, 597, 646, 722
Arcology InterfaceLinkLink
Artist in Residence LinkLink
Aspect of LuminesceLinkLink
At the VanguardLinkLink
Aurora ClashLinkLink
Beheaded HomeLinkn/a
Benighted OmenLinkLink
Black SkiesLinkLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 06bf01c3d09cb13cd959f2866894fa3d.jpgBrightwingLink
Bump in the NightLinkn/a
Bungie Day 2021Linkn/a
Burnished BladeLinkLink
Cardinal RefractionLink
Chasing PerfectionLinkLink
Covetous EmperorLinkLink
Cutting EdgeLinkLink (instructions
in newlestter)
Dark OrbitLinkLink
Dawn ChaserLinkLink
Deep in the WoodsLinkLink
Emblem of the FleetLinkLink
Emblem of PeaceLinkLink
Exodus CrashLinkLink
Felwinter FrostLinkLink
Fire of Crimson DaysLinkLink
First to the ForgeLinkLink
First to the WildLinkLink
Fly TogetherLinkLink
Four Times a RulerLinkLink
Gather Your FireteamLinkLink
Glory to the EmperorLinkLink
Good DogLinkLink
Guardian’s CallLinkLink
Hall of DelightsLinkLink
Heart of the CityLink3843, 3846, white
Hero of the InfiniteLinkLink
Heroes of LightLinkLink
Highland HeartLinkLink
Hollow SleepLinkn/a
Hubris of NiobeLinkLink
IKELOS ImperativeLinkLink
In the FireLinkLink
Inverted SpireLinkLink
Jacobson’s StaffLinkLink
Jade RabbitLinkLink
K1 RevelationLinkLink
Kadi 55-30’s BlessingLinkLink
Laurel TriumphantLinkLink
Legend of Saint-14LinkLink
Levante’s PrizeLinkLink
Light of the DawningLinkLink
Lost CityLinkLink
Lost SectorLink (blue)
Link (brown)
Link (green)
Link (red)
Link (blue)
Link (brown)
Link (green)
Link (red)
Make Us ProudLinkLink
Mentor of Light LinkLink
Meridian of DestinyLinkLink
Meyrin’s VisionLinkLink
Mistrust of GiftsLinkLink
New Pacific ArcologyLinkLink
No Quarter LinkLink
Obsidian DreamsLinkLink
One Orbit RemainsLinkLink
Operation OboeLinkLink
Operation PiccoloLinkLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5f3614bd64c0668febb1ff1ae3d1632b.jpgPiratical AmbitionsLink
Planet of PeaceLinkLink
Promise of PaybackLinkn/a
Prophetic ArsenalLink844, 3768, 3827
Push ForwardLinkLink
Quarantine Zone LinkLink
Rain of AshesLinkLink
Rally the FlagLinkLink
Rasmussen’s GiftLinkLink
Red Legion AegisLinkLink
Renewed TriumphLinkLink
Rune of the AdeptLinkLink
Satou’s SecretLinkLink
Search and RescueLinkLink
Secret of the VexLinkLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is e0d1cde8ffe0012424afa6b352b9954d.jpgSequence FlorishLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0f7a13bb8c8b1fff7e282a99d4a1419a.jpgShadow’s LightLink
Sign of CelebrationLinkLink
Sign of Mutual CombatLinkLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0a336f8bfe9b099add5eb0327ef28b4d.jpgSneer of the OniLink
Soldier OnLinkLink
Spire StarLinkLink
Sweet DreamsLinkLink
Symphonic ShiftLinkLink
System of PeaceLinkLink
Take the ThroneLinkLink
Team PlayerLinkLink
Technocrat’s DoomLinkLink
Technological SingularityLink807, 3362, 3750,
3848, white
The Brightest StarsLinkn/a
Third Mark of the CollectorLinkLink
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6e8e5886d1153072c1c5b24389746816.jpgTime DilationLink
Together We RiseLinkLink
Tribute HallLinkLink
Try the SpecialLinkLink
Two Enter, One LeavesLink833, 920
Veist UpgradeLinkLink
Vengeance of VolundrLinkLink
Vex DestroyerLinkLink
Vex ScholarLinkLink
Vigilant ConsoleLinkLink
Viper StrikeLinkLink
The VisionaryLinkLink
Warden of NothingLinkLink
Way of the WolfLinkn/a
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 03e5e6658b0147a2bad1df4e82178f6f.jpgWheel of MisfortuneLink
The Winding TowerLinkLink
Zero Future LinkLink

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