Mistakes Were Made

ETA: Some people have reached out where to get this pattern. You can find it on Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link which means I make a small percentage of the sale. but it costs you nothing extra.)

I started cross-stitching about 20 years ago (I took a break for about 12 or so years, but I digress.) and I was somewhat of a “what are rules?” kind of stitcher. (I still am, at times.) I had no time for bobbins, railroading, or even ironing my finished pieces.

It looks just perfect…but wait!

One of the things I hated doing was finishing pieces. BOR-ING. So, more often than not, I would haphazardly throw it in some kind of frame and forget about it.

What’s an iron?

Which brings me to today. I’ve been going through some old frames and such when I found this project I finished probably back in ’02. The first thing I thought was, dude, I can’t believe past!Jess didn’t even take the time to iron this huge project. Then I turned it over.


Masking tape, my friends, should never EVER be used to hold a project in place.

Double oh.


I didn’t really think that it was going to be able to be saved . After nearly twenty years, I figured those stains are going to be there forever. I tried to wash them (using a stain remover), but alas, it’s now part of this VERY custom piece.

“One of a kind”

So, lesson learned. Don’t use masking tape to secure your piece within a frame. Nowadays, I either use a mounting board or use the lacing method (especially if it’s a huge piece). But if you are even considering grabbing that masking tape, just glance back at those previous pics and think twice about it.

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