It’s #30for30creating time

It’s getting close to #30for30creating time!

Don’t know what that means?  Pick a project (new or old) to work on for 30 minutes every day for the month of June. Then, starting on June 1, post a picture on your social media platform of choice and tag it with #30for30creating. Repeat the process for each day. Simple!

I know that 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you compare what you had at the beginning of the month to what you have at the end, it’s really remarkable to see all of the progress you have made. 

Also, be sure to check out #30for30creating throughout the month of June — let’s encourage each other to great, new creative heights!

Still got some questions, hopefully these will help you out! 

1.) What if my project takes less/more time than 30 days?

Don’t have a project that will take you a month to finish? Then, work on it for 30 minutes until it gets done then you make the decision of whether or not to move to another project or be done with the challenge. Or, maybe you’re like me, and you know your project won’t get done in 30 days. That’s ok too! 

2.) I want to ______, does that count?

Probably! When I first started this idea, I had originally called it #30for30crafting, but over the years people had been inspired to do so many things that didn’t exactly fit into the crafting umbrella (bullet journaling, writing poems, home décor, etc.) that it was decided to broaden the term to make everyone feel welcome! If it uses your creativeness, it’s good!

3.) Do I have to take a picture every day?

No. Not at all. Maybe you want to make a blog post or maybe you want to post weekly pictures of your progress. That’s fine! 

4.) What if I want to start on the [insert day here]?

That’s not a problem. I know some people want to start early, others are starting later. Just commit to your 30 days and make awesomeness!

5.) Do I only have to work on the project for 30 minutes each day?

Nope! Some people like to work in longer sessions and that’s fine. As long as you hit that 30 minute each day mark, you’re golden! 

6.) I missed a day. Now what?

Just add a day to the end, if you want. Or double the time the next day. Or, better yet, don’t stress out about it. If you want to “make up” the day, you can, but this isn’t school and is supposed to be fun not stressful!

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out on Twitter or write a comment to this post below. 

Happy creating! 

Jess 😀

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