An IlLUMUnating Post

On Sunday, new Halo footage was released. (Anyone who knows me that, alongside Legend of Zelda, Halo owns my gaming heart.) Anyway, one of the awesome people over at 343 shared a screenshot of a new character named Lumu.

Adorable, right? So you know I had to stitch her.

The problem I knew I had to deal with was the fact she floated. And cross-stitch projects do not. So, I rigged up a very simple stand that you could use to make any project stand up.

So, I first decided that I would work with plastic canvas to give it support. I stitched up the design and then when I trimmed the plastic, I was sure to leave a rectangle attached (approx seven squares across, four down — but honestly based on your design, you might find that the rectangle needs to be bigger or smaller.)

Then, I made cut out another rectangle the same size.

Next, you want to make a cut that goes at least halfway down in the middle of the rectangle.

Finally, you want to fit the two pieces together.

Now, your piece can stand on it’s own! Neat!

If you do decide to make this, I would highly consider backing it with some kind of fabric or felt. The light tends to come through making it hard to see the design in certain areas.

Now if you want to make your own Lumu, you’ll need the chart and the following colors: 503, 504, and 10. (For some strange reason, my chart maker says 505 for the outline. But, if you know your DMC colors, well, 505 isn’t light green at all. So, when you see the pattern call for 505, it really means 10.)

Whether you decide to stitch Lumu or make your own stand for the plastic canvas masterpiece, I wish you all happy crafting!

Jess ❤

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