Week 1: Clades Orygis

June 08, 2021

Happy Monday!

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. A couple of things before we jump into this week’s newsletter. Every Monday, the newsletter will be released, but due to my schedule being unpredictable, I am going to send it out every Monday evening/night. Since I’m in California, that means for some of you who are on the east coast or overseas it will be practically Tuesday, so adjust your crafting calendars, if need be.

Also, just so no one is thrown off, I am using black aida with this set of patterns which means that I might add backstitching on emblems when their backgrounds don’t pop against the fabric.

So, this week we have Clades Orygis. And Ab Principio. And Lupi Reginae. And Memoria Ferri. And Tenebrae Lunae. Since this emblem comes in five options, I thought I would just give you all of them with their DMC colors.

You’ll notice that I cheated and used variegated thread, because, hey, it’s me. Also, it’s a reverse play on the Meridian of Light emblem where I did the background in variegated thread and the tricorn in a solid color. (You’ll also notice that I didn’t finish this week’s emblem which means this craft-a-long is starting like most of the previous ones, LOL)

Click here for the chart

Happy Crafting,
Jess 😀 

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