Week 2: Judgment’s Right Hand

June 16, 2021

Happy Tuesday all!

Talli here with week 2 of your Destiny 1 emblem crossstitch-along! Let’s all pretend it’s Monday, shall we? I will admit to life getting the best of me lately– I bought my first house and moved in two months ago, started a new job two weeks ago, and school just let out for the summer and I’m overrun with nieces and nephews. All first world problems, absolutely, but it does mean that 1) I can’t find the correct aida for this project, even though I’m almost done unpacking, which theoretically should make this easier? and 2) the week’s emblem isn’t actually finished on the substitute aida I could find. I promise this won’t be a habit and you will see the final product eventually!

This week’s emblem is from the House of Wolves questline in Destiny year 1. I happen to be using 699 in this temporary stitch, but there are about a dozen greens that are pretty close, so use what you have! Heads up that in a couple of weeks we will be using 906 which is in the parrot green family, so you may want to stay away from that range if you want your greens to contrast. (Yes, we all have our little neuroses… :D)

Click here for the chart

A quick note– I know the pattern calls for what looks like two half stitches in many cases, but I find that to be too much thread. An alternative would be to do four quarter stitches, but I find that too fiddle. What Goldilocks find juuuuust right is to do a half stitch with the color you want to pop and do a quarter stitch with the color you want to recede. I may be crazy here, so please you do you and do the stitch combination that makes you happy. But then, like, tag me on twitter/insta and tell me what you do and why! I’m super curious.

It grows late on this… Monday… night, ahem, so I shall leave you to your stitching. Happy CAL! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Destiny1CAL so we can all see your work!

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