Watch Out for Lasers

I don’t really know what to call this category of patterns. They were linked on Twitter, but never made into a blog post making them, well, basically unfindable for the masses. The Forgotten Ones? Regardless of what they are called, now they can find their home here among their fellow patterns.

Today we have Prismatic Inferno. It’s dramatic. It’s epic. It can also glow in the dark if you replace the white and orange with some glow in the dark threads.

Space magic right there.

Click here for the chart

Also, please not that even though this is based off the emblem, this is not the regular 2″ square emblem that are found in the craft-a-long batches.

If you do decide to tackle it, please let me know by tagging me @craftinggeek on Instagram or Twitter. I love to see what y’all make with the patterns. Happy crafting!

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