Crafting Up Your Neighborhood

If you follow me on social media, you know that one of my favorite things to do is to craft up your neighborhood. Over the years, I’ve gone to a lot of places and plan to keep the tradition going for years to come. Now it’s finally time to chronicle all of the places — some unique and some ordinary — I’ve gone to.

I do follow serveral simple “rules” when I craft up the neighborhood. The first one is that I have to be able to cross-stitch there. Even if it’s a few stitches or a few hundred, I don’t post a pic unless I can cross-stitch which means that I have to be able to use both hands, and be able to stop for at least a few minutes.

The second, which should come as no surprise, is that it has a be legal to take pictures there. No crossing into private property, no matter the Instagram-worthiness of the pic, no sneaking my supplies to various places when I know it’s not allowed. This is especially relevant right now when various states/countries have their own COVID-protocols. Please, follow local/state regulations — that picture is not worth you getting in trouble, trust me.

Finally, I take all the pictures myself. It can be a little awkward and Babe has certainly gotten a few BTS pics of me looking very odd trying to position the q-snap and the view into a way that works with the pic.

From sitting on my porch (crafting up your own neighborhood is also very important!) to traveling to various states, let’s go on a virtual journey of crafting up everyone’s neighborhood.

If you have any suggestions of where to go, specific or general, toss me a comment. And if you decide to go #craftingupyourneighborhood, let me know!

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