Week 3: Vigilamus Noctu

Happy Monday!

You know, I had thought I had plenty of time to finish to emblem, but then I had a crown fall out (curse you, gummy bear!) and got to see my nephew (which made today very awesome!). The crown won’t be able to be fixed until next week, but I did buckle down tonight and manage to finish the emblem. Whew! 

This week’s emblem is Vigilamus Noctu. You’ll need the following colors: 336, 3853, and white.

This chart does include some quarter and three-quarter stitches. The best advice I can give to you is when you make those three-quarter stitches is start with the tiny quarter stitch first, then do your big half stitch. That way it can cover up any mistakes if the quarter stitch is off, LOL

Click here for the chart

It’s been super exciting to see some pictures pop up on my feed showing off everyone’s progress! Don’t forget to use #destiny1cal if you post on any social media channels! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Happy Crafting,
Jess 😀 😀

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