Week 4: Sign of Opposing Will

Wow, how are we already on week 4? Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! Talli here and my apologies for the late post, but hey, last time was late AND unfinished but this time we’re not unfinished, so progress is being made! My nephew’s baseball team won their tournament last night so baseball is finally done… I’m not sorry to have my evenings back!

This week is Sign of Opposing Will which players could win by beating the Bungie Bounty team. I never won one but definitely coveted my friends’ emblems! It’s another one that can really be done with many DMC options, but I used 03, 311, and 703. The pattern itself is a nice simple motif that stitches up super quick. (which is probably why it was stitched on time lol)

Click here to download the pattern

It’s been a trip to see my patterns stitched by someone other than me! Thanks to everyone that has been sharing on social media using the #destiny1cal tag. You’ll see me again next week for the next pattern and it’s almost finished so crossing my fingers the post should be out on time on Monday. See you then!


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