Crafting Up Your Neighborhood: The Library

One of the most frequent comments I get is something along the lines of “I would love to try to cross-stitch in public, but I’m scared that I’ll ruin my project.” This is totally understandable! I know that not everyone is willing to stand on the overlook of a waterfall just to get a pic for Instagram, LOL

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your project safe is pick a location that isn’t “scary” — this week’s highlight is a perfect example of such a location: the library.

The library is a fantastic place to take your cross-stitch for several reasons.

One, it’s clean. This is probably the most difficult aspect to overcome when you are stitching outside. Most places, well, have dust, dirt, and other Things That You Do Not Want on Your Project. The tables (and everywhere else) at a library are pristine. Most locations (at least when I’m from) don’t allow food or drink so those are other potentially perilous obstacles that are easy to avoid.

Two, it’s not going to call attention to yourself. I’ll be honest, if you start taking a picture of yourself cross-stitching in certain places, you’re gonna get a look. Or twelve. If that’s something you’d rather avoid, then the library is great because most people won’t pay you much mind. And even if they do, the conversation is going to be short and quiet because, um, library, LOL.

Three, you might get inspired there! A lot of libraries have cross-stitch/embroidery and other crafting books there. Be sure to browse the shelves and see what’s calling to your muse. You never know, you might just find yourself adding to the WIP pile.

If you decide to go to your library and start #craftingupyourneighborhood, let me know by using that nifty hashtag! Also, if you missed the intro post, you can find it, here.

Happy Crafting! ❤

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