July: Weeks 5-8

Hello my crafty stitchers! Talli here again. Week 5 marks a switch to monthly newsletters with four patterns instead of one pattern/newsletter per week. This way you can choose your own pace to stitch the emblems! Without further ado, let’s get to the patterns.

Week 5: Blessing of the Unmade

Colors: 444, 3820, 3852, 720, 947, 796

This emblem, I will admit, has been causing me trouble. As you can see below, I have unpicked it a couple times; I plan to redo the orange bit with more than two transition shades because I am insane, but you certainly don’t have to be! (Sometimes I let perfection be the enemy of progress. It’s a personal failing. *shrug*)

Here is the pattern

Week 6: Comet’s Heart

Colors: 444, 3820, 3852, 720, 947, 796

Rounding out the top row, the inimitable Jess gives us Comet’s Heart. This emblem is part of the rewards in the Age of Triumph record book. Go get yours at level four!

Patterns ahoy!

Week 7: Sign of the War Cult

Colors: 3746, 351, 725, white

When it comes to factions, I definitely fall in the Future War Cult camp (though I will admit to supporting New Monarchy in D2 for the fashunz if pressed.) The color scheme is instantly recognizable and completely out there. Who needs tasteful armor anyway?!

Pattern lives here

Week 8: The Rising

Colors: 3746, 351, 725, white

Despite being a very basic design, I rocked this emblem a bunch in D1 because I’m a sucker for turquoise and honestly there wasn’t a lot of choice initially! For that reason, I offer both a sparkle set of colors and a regular list. The sparkle color list is more limited so they are not quite as accurate, but that’s why I give you the non-sparkle, accurate list. I haven’t decided yet which to go with myself. Let me know what you decide!

Pattern lives here

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