Feeling a little tension

Over the years, I have many questions from fellow stitchers wondering how I get my stitches to look so puffy.

Do I railroad my stitches? (No.)

Do I use a laying tool? (Nope.)

Do I use magic? (Alas, no.)

The only trick I have is paying attention to the tension I use when I’m stitching. I never pull in a forceful way and I never pull without using my ring finger to alleviate some of the tension. I showed an example of it on an Instagram reel so you can see what I mean.

I got some people wondering if tension really does make that much of a difference. (yes. very yes.)

In the picture above, the left square uses my stitching technique, the middle one uses a more traditional technique pulled very softly, and the last square uses the traditional technique of stitching, giving a decent tug with every stitch. You can see that even after only a 4×4 square, you can see the differences between the stitching styles.

So, if you are looking for full, puffy stitches, I highly encourage you to find a stitching style that encourages low tension. It will really make a difference in the final product.

Still have questions? Please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions! Happy crafting!

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