Cheat O’ Plenty

Way back in February, I had an exchange with the Strong Bad Twitter account.

It took eight months of procrastinating, but I finally got around to stitching this up!

Those of you will eagle eyes will notice that I had to change the pattern slightly from my original design. That’s because when I had made the pattern, I didn’t really listen to the Skills of an Artist video. When I went back and watched it, I realized that the “pear” should have been a gourd, so it was color change time!

Ta da!

Eventually I’ll find the time to add some plastic leaves and/or over the top ribbon to complete the hoop, but I wanted to get the pattern out so you all have time to stitch this up. Hope you like the color 3024 because you’ll be spending a lot of time with it!

I went ahead and made three versions of the pattern. One is a pdf with the pattern on one page. Then the others have it separated onto four pages, one version is in color, the other is in black and white.

Cheat o’ Plenty Color Chart (1 page)

Cheat o’ Plenty Color Chart (4 pages)

Cheat o’ Plenty Black and White Chart (4 pages)

As always, if you do decide to tackle this project, I’d love to know! Feel free to tag me on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #thecraftinggeek. Happy crafting!

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