Geek the Halls

Years ago, back in 2015, I made a trio of geeky ornaments.

Years ago, I didn’t know how to save my patterns as pdfs. (Tragic.)

But that has all changed, my friends. I present to you three geeky ornaments for your crafting pleasure: a Triforce Tree, Santa Traveler, and Santa Chief.

I only attached the color chart to the Santa Traveler pattern because I think if you have some spare colors around the house, you can adapt the patterns pretty easily. (The only reason I attached a chart with the Traveler one was to show that the Traveler and the trim of the hat should be two different colors, but even with that, you can make them to same.)

These are fairly quick to whip up — two or three hours maybe. I tend to work like an assembly line so I do all of one color for all of the ornaments I’m making, then move on to the next so it’s tough sometimes for me to get an accurate time.

I stitched the ornaments on plastic canvas and finished mine off with adhesive felt which really does work very well. (You can certainly use regular aida too!)

Here’s what you’re here for:

Chart to Santa Chief
Chart to Santa Traveler
Chart to Triforce tree

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Happy crafting! ❤

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