Destiny 1 Stitch-a-long

48 shiny Destiny 1 emblems. Enjoy, my friends.

EmblemEmblem NameLink
Clades OrygisChart
Judgment’s Right Hand *Chart
Vigilamus NoctuChart
Sign of Opposing Will *Chart
Blessing of the Unmade *Chart
Comet’s HeartChart
Sigil of the War Cult *Chart
The Rising*Chart
Badge of the MonarchyChart
The Reflective Proof *Chart
Omen of ChaosChart
Devourer of Light *Chart
Slayer of Oryx *Chart
Alt Chart ^
Vanguard HonorChart
Vigilant Disciple ^ Chart
Alt Chart *
Nadir *Chart
Vosik’s VenomChart
Command ^Chart
Bomb Squad II ^Chart
Founder’s SealChart
Rising Light ^Chart
City Force Chart
Sign of UnityChart
Sentinel’s Crest ^Chart
Swords of the DawnChart
Crota’s End ^Chart
Eris MornChart
Crown of the Sovereign ^Chart
Emerald RookChart
Alt Chart ^
The Obelisk IChart
Bomb Squad #Chart
Bastet’s DreamChart
Sunset City ^Chart
Corsair’s BadgeChart
Glass and TimeChart
Sign of MomentumChart
Sigil of Deviance #Chart
Omolon #Chart
Symbol of the Wolf ~Chart
Paladin’s Blazon *Chart
Alt Chart ^
Sign of the FiniteChart
Prison of Elders ^Chart
Echoes of Shattered Suns *Chart
Field of Light Chart
Heart of the FoundationChart
* made by Talliroxxor
^ made by BlueCrew86
~ made by GingerFaerie
# made by kbgreenland

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Happy crafting! 

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