These Emblems are SPICY

So, yesterday was Bungie Day and Tuesday was the start of the Solstice event in Destiny 2 which meant that a lot of excellent emblems made their debut. I normally don’t make emblem designs this fast, but I guess I was inspired, LOL. The three emblems are Bungie Day 2021, The Brightest Stars, and SpicyContinue reading “These Emblems are SPICY”

Crafting Up Your Neighborhood: The Library

One of the most frequent comments I get is something along the lines of “I would love to try to cross-stitch in public, but I’m scared that I’ll ruin my project.” This is totally understandable! I know that not everyone is willing to stand on the overlook of a waterfall just to get a picContinue reading “Crafting Up Your Neighborhood: The Library”

Sorry, But Our Princess is in Another Castle

Years ago, I made a Princess Peach cross-stitch pattern. Then, someone requested that I make a Princess Daisy one too. Unfortunately, when I had made them, I didn’t know how to save them in pdf format which means they were in terrible jpg format. Not anymore. I went through and remade the charts so thatContinue reading “Sorry, But Our Princess is in Another Castle”

Watch Out for Lasers

I don’t really know what to call this category of patterns. They were linked on Twitter, but never made into a blog post making them, well, basically unfindable for the masses. The Forgotten Ones? Regardless of what they are called, now they can find their home here among their fellow patterns. Today we have PrismaticContinue reading “Watch Out for Lasers”

Week 2: Judgment’s Right Hand

June 16, 2021 Happy Tuesday all! Talli here with week 2 of your Destiny 1 emblem crossstitch-along! Let’s all pretend it’s Monday, shall we? I will admit to life getting the best of me lately– I bought my first house and moved in two months ago, started a new job two weeks ago, and schoolContinue reading “Week 2: Judgment’s Right Hand”

Week 1: Clades Orygis

June 08, 2021 Happy Monday! I hope this newsletter finds you all well. A couple of things before we jump into this week’s newsletter. Every Monday, the newsletter will be released, but due to my schedule being unpredictable, I am going to send it out every Monday evening/night. Since I’m in California, that means forContinue reading “Week 1: Clades Orygis”

Week 0: So, I hear you like emblems…

June 02, 2021 I’ll be honest, I’m going to probably be using most of the same contents that were in last year’s intro newsletter. So, let’s get this rolling, shall we? You’ve made the wise decision to take part of the Destiny 1 Emblem Craft-a-long, you clever person, you! Just in case you’re wondering whatContinue reading “Week 0: So, I hear you like emblems…”