Hammer Time

It's funny how things happen, isn't it? What started out as a last minute change for TheLegendBlue's birthday gift, turned into me getting my 15 minutes of viral fame. Um, did @Bungie just tweet my cross-stitch? — Jess (@CraftingGeek) October 7, 2015 There really is no backstory to the cross-stitch -- I decided that I'd rather... Continue Reading →

The Craftiness Has Consumed You

Yes, another Destiny craft. Really, at this point, no one should be surprised. If you have played Destiny, you have seen this symbol at least once. If you play like me, then you've seen this symbol A LOT. But that's ok because it looks pretty awesome and when I was asked to make a project... Continue Reading →


Sometimes on the internet, you can find something so magical, so amazing, so completely fantastic, you're like, "WHOEVER DID THIS IS GENIUS!!!1!!1!" And sometimes, if you're really lucky, they write a tutorial on how you can make the aforementioned magical, amazing, completely fantastic thing yourself. That's what happened when I went over to Our Nerd... Continue Reading →

Sorry, but this craft is Taken

Or, it will be. I'm doing a giveaway over on Twitter, but for those of you who don't want to wait to see if the odds are in your favor, you can make this symbol from Destiny's The Taken King yourself. The supplies: 4" hoop 14 count aida cloth Any color (I picked black, obviously)... Continue Reading →

Call of the Narwhal

Nope, not even I can resist it. Fortunately for me, Mollie over at Wild Olive created an embroidery pattern that would satisfy the Narwhal Call. (And it's $2, no less!) When I got the pattern, I knew I wanted to make it for my girls and make into a pillow. I made the pattern a... Continue Reading →

X(box) Marks the Spot

I am a gamer. I love video games. I love the creativity behind games, I love the skill it takes to play games, I love the indescribable satisfaction one gets when they finally beat that level that they thought was impossible, I love them all. Admittedly, I play less games than I use to. I'm a... Continue Reading →

A Highly Ant-icipated Cross-Stitch

So, back in January, my friend Rachel made the off-handed comment about how the Ant-Man promo poster would be a really simple project to tackle. @K_ThRyce @CraftingGeek ant man cross stitch would be the easiest cross stitch in the world pic.twitter.com/oRn1Gr0ZbC — Rachel Harland (@rahcek) January 18, 2015 It sort of stuck in my mind,... Continue Reading →

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